Saturday, February 6, 2010

Native American and Southwestern Jewelry

Feb. 6, is just beautiful outside...fortunately the laptop in my Studio is directly in front of a large window that looks out over our backyard and woods... everything is snow covered and glistening...gorgeous...I have already shoveled so my Mail Lady can get to ship those orders out, Ha!...also transferred 4 wheel barrels of wood from wood pile to house...I love using our wood stove on snowy days, it is so husband plowed the driveway..its a long we have been busy. Now I am getting ready to finish assembling my next Southwestern Charm Bracelet...this one is predominately turquoise with onyx...the centerpiece is a great vintage thick heart with stone inlays and sterling silver...once assembled I will post a photo of it here on my blog! I have vintage native american charms going on it...dreamcatcher, kachinas, zuni bears etc. This one is really going to be bold and chunky!

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