Friday, February 5, 2010

My Jewelry Blog 2-5-2010

About me and my Jewelry:

Vintage Native American Southwest Turquoise and Sterling Jewelry is my Passion, Especially Charm Bracelets! I Also Sell Coral, Onyx and Even Twilight Items. Creating my Own Southwestern Charm Bracelets Keeps me in Constant Search of Beautiful Native American Charms that I Can Add to these Bracelets. I Search Relentlessly for Hallmarked Pieces.

I absolutely love collecting, buying and selling vintage Native American and Southwestern and Horse Related Jewelry. I have a couple of online venues where I sell my items: and
on my seller name is... shetlandgal.
I will also publish these again below.

Turquoise has always been my favorite stone (other than Amethyst-my Birthstone). Sterling Silver my favorite Precious Metal, especially Vintage Sterling Silver.

Over the years I have noticed that Sterling Silver from Oregon and Washington State is especially nice, so anytime I see that for sale I take a second look!

Of course Turquoise from the Southwest is the best- Arizona, New Mexico and Nevada-so beautiful and rich- you can not beat it worldwide!

I also love to make my own Handmade Southwestern, Native American Style Bracelets and Necklaces.

My other Passion is Horses-I was lucky enough to own 2 beautiful horses for 18-19years. Their names were Love and Nevada.
There is something about a horse that enriches the Soul.

I love my pets: 3 cats-Putter, Pumpkin and Dusty. Putter is black, Pumpkin is orange and Dusty is Grey. My Sheltie is named Kenna (which is a Scottish name meaning "fair one"). She is sweet and so smart!

Well this is the first day, or I should say night for my new blog. I think I will enjoy this!

I wonder how much snow we will get tonight....

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