Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Alice in Wonderland Mini Book Charms


Featured Today: Set of 5 Alice in Wonderland Mini Book Charms-

These are Great for a Necklace or to Hang on a Book Mark, Wine Glass Charms, Party Favors Etc.!

Measurements (Approx.): 30mm Long X 22mm Wide X 7mm Thick.
(1-1/8"Long X 7/8"Wide X 1/4" Thick).
(No Writing Inside)(Books are Closed). Light Weight.

You Will Receive All 5 "Mini Book Charms" which Include:
-The Alice and Cheshire Cat Cover
-Drink and Alice
-Tea Party
-White Rabbit
-Twiddle Dee and Alice

These are handmade by me.

Currently I am making mini book charms for a local Reading Club and a few online Reading Clubs. They attach them to metal bookmarks for the current books they are reading.

I am an avid reader and when I finish a book that I like, I make a little replica charm of it to wear on a necklace. I get tons of comments when I wear them. Very fun, conversation starters!

Materials that I use are: card stock, laminate, ink, paper, foam mount, ribbon, adhesives, glue, metal jump rings.

The Mini Book Charms have a Vintage look to them.

Really Cute! Great Stocking Stuffers!

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Thank You!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sleeping Beauty Turquoise; Native American and Southwestern Jewelry

What is Sleeping Beauty Turquoise?

Sleeping Beauty Turquoise
(Photo Credit to:

SLEEPING BEAUTY is some of the most beautiful turquoise in the world. The Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Mine is located near Globe, Arizona. The name "Sleeping Beauty Turquoise" comes from the same named Mountain it is mined from; the mountain looks like a "woman sleeping".

(Photo Credit to:

This mine was a copper mine and the turquoise extracted from it is a saturated light to medium sky blue "Skystone" Turquoise. This turquoise is being extracted less and less which will ultimately make it more sought after.

The Host-Rock for Sleeping Beauty Turquoise is Granite and it is sometimes referred to as "Persian Turquoise" referring to "Iranian Turquoise" which has little to no matrix or veining, (very little Vanadium and no Iron is present in the stone).

Sleeping Beauty Turquoise is the perfect stone to enhance sterling silver. Being so in touch with nature, it is very understandable that Native American Indians would be so attracted to this beautiful stone for their jewelry. Nothing resembles the sky more than the color of Sleeping Beauty Turquoise!

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Monday, September 20, 2010

Vintage Purple White Marbleized Sterling Cuff Bracelet

My Featured Item for Today:

Very Pretty Purple and White Marbleized Stone set in Southwest Design Sterling Silver. I do not know what the Stone is; maybe "Charoite".

Sun Ray Design Flanks both Sides of the Purple Cabochon.

The Bracelet is Hallmarked by the Silver-Smith with a "G inside of a Star Shape and an Arrow Going Away From it". It is also Marked "STERLING".


The Bracelet Measures 5-1/2" Inside Cuff From End to End with a 3/4" Opening
for a Total of 6-1/4", (slightly adjustable).

The Widest Part at the Face of the Bracelet is 1-1/2".

The Purple Cabochon Measures 1-1/4"Long X 7/8"Wide.

Weighs 43gms.

Normal Vintage Wear in Great Shape.

Nice Cuff Bracelet to add to a Southwestern Jewelry Collection!

Great Vintage Condition!

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Monday, September 6, 2010

Vintage Sterling Storyteller Necklace

My Featured Item Today:
Gorgeous Vintage Sterling Silver Cast Story Teller Necklace.

All Story Teller Pieces on the Necklace are Fully Hallmarked "Liberty", "e.e." and "STERL". The Feather is Marked "Sterling".

These Traditional Native American Story Teller Symbols are Very Popular Today- Symbolizing the Importance of the Wise Elder in Teaching and Telling History, Harmony and Love to the Young.

Heavy. Weighs: 92gms,(3.2oz)

The Clasp is a Vintage Hook Style that is in the Same Style as the Links-so it
Looks Like One of the Links.

Measurements: The Necklace Measures 14" from the Hook Clasp to the Tip o
f the Feather (on Each Side).
Each of the 5 Story Teller Pieces Measures: 1-1/4"Long X 1"Wide X 1/4"Tall

The Pendant Portion (Story Teller with Attached Large Feather) Dangle Length is 3-1/2" Long.

The Feather Measures 1-3/4" X 3/4"

The Circle Links are 1/2" Diameter

The Bar Links are Almost 1/2" Long

I Love the Symbolization of these Story Teller Pieces and this Necklace is One of my All-Time Favorites!

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