Monday, July 26, 2010

~Old-Man-in-the-Mountain~ NH Landmark

Mt. Washington-White Mountains, NH

I love New Hampshire! I especially love the White fact so much that a couple of times a month I google real estate in Jackson, NH and North Conway, just for fun. I would love to live in the mountains someday! I used to want to live on the ocean, actually husband said "that was not gonna happen", -money wise. So realizing I would never be oceanfront, somehow I fell in love with mountains...big mountains. I think it is the awesome-ness, (is that a word?) and the beauty of the mountains. Actually I realize now that it was this same awesome beauty of the ocean that drew me to it.
Anyway, I was just googling NH real estate again and I came across info on "The Old Man of the Mountain", Franconia Notch State Park, NH.

White Mountain Area, NH

"Old Man in the Mountain", NH

Most people from New England reading this post will know all about "The Old Man in the Mountain", but for those that don't here is the story:

The "Old Man" is a natural "profile" in rock on the western rock wall of the mountain notch naturally formed by ledges of granite. The Old Man's face was about 40 feet tall; it was on a cliff 1,000 feet above the valley floor. There is a viewing area off the highway where you could see,( across "Mirror Lake"), the perfect profile of the "Old Man". Millions of visitors would stop here and for decades the Old Man was an official symbol of New Hampshire. The state spent money preserving the face from crumbling due to wind, rain, and ice.

Unfortunately, on May 3, 2003 the Old Man Rock-face tumbled down the cliff. Bitter winters and harsh weather caused water to penetrate the crevices. The water would constantly freeze and expand loosening the rock crevices, despite the constant care from NH state work crews.

Before 2003

Now there are plaques at the viewing area telling of "The Old Man in the Mountain's History".

The Old Man was created over 10,000 years ago by the last geologic ice age.

The Old Man was appreciated by Native American Indians for centuries. Then surveyors described the rock formation in 1805. Nathaniel Hawthorne wrote of "The Old Man" in 'The Great Stone Face'. NH has used this symbol on road markers, brochures, tourist info and even official documents. It became the NH state seal, it appeared on the New Hampshire quarter, and countless commemoratives over the years.

"The Old Man" is very much missed but he will not be forgotten!

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Sunday, July 18, 2010



I was talking with a friend of mine yesterday, from Cape Cod, and she mentioned that she had recently visited the Mansions at Newport, RI and it brought back memories for me.
I lived on Cape Cod from 1975-1984. About every summer we would make a trip to Newport, RI (about an hour from where I lived) and do the Mansion tours and visit Newport.
Actually, in 1979, on 1 of the trips, we were shopping Antique shops and I purchased the "Puffy Heart Necklace" in my previous blog post:

I've posted some of the Mansions below, with a little info on each...enjoy!

The Breakers Mansion - Built 1893-1895. Cost over 7 million dollars ( to build today would cost over $150 million today). 13 acre estate. Summer home of Cornelius Vanderbilt II. His great-grandchildren now live on the third floor of the mansion
during the summer. 70 rooms in the mansion - 33 are "hired help quarters". Some of the rooms were actually built in Europe and then shipped to the U.S. where they were reassembled in the mansion!

"The Elms"
The Elms was completed in 1901. Coal magnate, Edward Julius Berwind owned this summer home. His family owned it
until the 1960's.

"Marble House"
Marble House
Alva Vanderbilt was given this "Summer Cottage" as a gift by her husband William K. Vanderbilt on her 39th birthday. It was built in 1892 for $11 million. $7 million of this was just for the massive amounts of marble!

Nevada silver heiress Theresa Fair Oelrichs owned this beauty. The original cost was $2.5 million and it is 21 acres. There are scenes from inside and outside this mansion in the films:
"The Great Gatsby" and "True Lies".

"Rough Point"

39,000 square foot mansion with 105 rooms. Built in 1887 for Frederick W. Vanderbilt, VI.
1906-sold to William B. Leeds. In 1922 it was sold to James B. Duke
of Duke University. Duke died in 1924 and his daughter, Doris Duke, at 12 years, old inherited "Rough Point" and $100 million, plus other homes. Doris Duke used this home up until her death in 1993 at the age of 80.


1881- Purchased by William Backhouse Astor, Jr. Astor renovated the property for $2 million
for his wife Caroline, (the "queen of the elite"), to throw her lavish summer parties. The Beechwood was the center of Newport Society for 25 years.

"Ochre Court"
$4.5 million- Ochre Court was built in 1892 as the summer residence for wealthy New York banker, Ogden Goelet. In 1947, Goelet's descendants gave Ochre Court to the Religious Sisters of Mercy.

"Isaac Bell House"
Isaac Bell House was the home of wealthy cotton broker and investor, Isaac Bell. The Bell House is one of America's finest examples of shingle-style architecture; with design elements mixing English, European, Colonial American and

Chepstow was built in 1860 by Newport architect George
Champlin Mason. The summer home of Edmund Schermerhorn and purchased by Mrs. Emily Morris Gallatin in 1911. It still contains original furnishings with important 19th century original paintings adorning its walls from the Morris family.

"Hunter House"

Hunter House- This colonial was built between 1748 and 1754 for Jonathon Nichols, Jr. (wealthy merchant). In 1756, the property was sold to Colonel Joseph
Wanton, Jr., who was a deputy governor of the Rhode Island colony and a merchant. After the American Revolution war, William Hunter, a U.S. Senator and ambassador, bought Hunter House and transformed it into a formal Georgian mansion.

A. Chepstow
B. Newport Mansions
C. Kingscote - Newport Mansion
D. Bellevue Avenue
E. Chateau-sur-Mer
F. Isaac Bell House
G. National Museum of American Illustration
H. Ghost Tours of Newport
I. King Park
J. Salve Regina University
K. Aardvark Antiques
L. International Tennis Hall of Fame
M. International Yacht Restoration School
N. Samuel Whitehorne House
O. The Breakers
P. Thames Street
Q. Rosecliff
R. The Old Stone Mill
S. Newport Art Museum
T. The Elms

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Friday, July 16, 2010

Vintage Sterling Repousse Puffy Hearts Necklace

My Featured Jewelry Item Today


Vintage Repousse Sterling Silver Puffy Heart Charm Necklace with Large Hinged Heart That Opens.

Repousse is Silver Ornamenting Designs in "Relief", Produced by Working the Silver From the Underside of the Piece so that the Decoration "Projects".

There are 31 Hearts in Total. 1 Large (1-1/4" X 1-1/4") Center Heart and 30 Other Hearts Ranging in Size Including: 7/16" X 7/16", 9/16" X 9/16" and 5/8" X 5/8".

Hearts are Marked "Sterling" on the Back Right Bottom. On a Few of the Smaller Hearts it Looks Like the Word has Been Worn Off.

This Necklace is a Nice Long Length of 30" and Weighs 72gms.

I Replaced the Chain in the early '80's. The Original Chain was in 3 Pieces When I Purchased it in 1979 in a Newport, RI Antique shop.

This Necklace Could Easily be Altered and Made into 2 or 3 Separate Charm Bracelets, for you Creative Ones Out There!

Heart Shaped Jewelry was a Symbol of Love & a Popular Motif in Victorian Jewelry. The Center Large Hinged Heart That Opens Was Meant to be Used to Carry Perfume, Loved Ones Ashes or Lockets of Hair, or Anything Else They Wanted to Keep Close to Their Heart.

The Designs on the Hearts are Very Sentimental; Hearts, Flowers, Words, Etc.
Very Interesting Piece of Jewelry!

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Monday, July 12, 2010

My Sheltie and Coral Treasury

Thanks to earlykooka for including my "Vintage Coral and Sterling Bracelet" in her
"The Word is Out Coral is the New Grey" Etsy Treasury!

Treasury is at:

Coral is now a great color for any season!

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Kenna and her favorite leopard print pillow!
I wonder if that is her favorite pillow because the colors match her coat so well, ha!
I said, "Come on Kenna, lets get brushed"... and this pic was the response I got...

When she finally got up she got her weekly brushing...which she really enjoys...

Yawn!!! After about 1/2 hour of brushing it was time for another nap! (That black lab dog behind her is a cement statue...she thinks it is a buddy of hers).

Have a Great Day and Thanks for Stopping By!!!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Featured in "Sun and Sky" Etsy Treasury

Thank you to Ziporgiabella for featuring my Turquoise Petit Point Turquoise Bracelet Set in her beautiful "Sun and Sky" Treasury:

I love all the items in this Treasury ; blue and yellow is one of my favorite color combinations; so cheerful!

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Have a Great Weekend Everyone,
From "Kenna"!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Alice in Wonderland Inspired Mini Book Charms-Choice of 5

Set of 5 Alice in Wonderland Mini Book Charms-You Choose!

Please See All Photos. The 1st
photo shows #1-#12. The 2nd photo shows #13-#16.

The price for this listing is $11.50 for your choice of 5 of the 16 Charms I have pictured and numbered. Please contact me at:
with your 5 number choices (#1 through #16 are listed in 2 separate photos on this listing).

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The Mini Book Charms have a Vintage Look to them.

Please Pick 5:
1.-Green Cover (Alice & Cheshire Cat)
2.-Red Cover
3.-Blue Cover (Alice & Humpty)

4.-White Rabbit
5.-Drink & Alice

6.-Cheshire Cat & Alice
8.-Tea Party
9.-Alice & Fawn
10.-Alice & Red Queen
11.-Alice & Jury Box
12.-Courtroom Scene

14.-Alice & Humpty Dumpty
15.-Queen of Hearts
16.-Twiddle Dee & Alice

These Mini Book Charms are very cute and quite a conversation piece. I am an avid reader and when I finish a book that I like, I make a little replica charm of it to wear on a necklace. I get tons of comments when I wear it. Currently, I am doing charms for some Reading Clubs. They have told me they really look forward to the
ir meetings and getting their current charms.

These are Great for a Necklace, to Hang on a Book Mark, or put on Ear wires for Earrings Etc.!

Measurements (Approx.): 30mm L X 21mm W X 5mm Thick.
(1-3/16"L X 7/8"W X 1/4" Thick).
(No Writing Inside)(Books are Closed). Light Weig
ht.The Charms look like real little books!

I can make most any book you would like and set up a Custom Listing for you at:
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Vintage Sterling Silver Turquoise Bear Paw Design Pierced Earrings

Featured Today:

Very Cute Vintage Turquoise and Sterling Southwestern Bear Paw Design Earrings. Bear Paw Design on Post with a Bear Paw Design Dangle on Each Pierced Earring.

1-1/2"L X 1/2"W
Paw that Dangles: 3/4"L X 1/2"W
Paw on Post: 1/2"L X 3/8"W

Both Earrings Weigh: 6gms

Cute Vintage Southwest Earrings!

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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Clapton Concert Cincinnati

Layla, you've got me on my knees.
Layla, I'm begging, darling please.
Layla, darling won't you ease my worried mind...

I am still singing it...we saw Clapton and Roger Daltrey last Wednesday night at "Riverbend Music Center" Cincinnati, Ohio!
Clapton is my all time favorite...Daltrey came out first, with the Who classics: "I Can See For Miles," "The Real Me" and "Behind Blue Eyes". In a dedication to victims of the BP oil spill, he sang Creedence Clearwater Revival's "Born on the Bayou".
He did not leave out his classic "microphone swings" when he performed, "Who Are You".

"Baba O'Riley," was great also!

Clapton walked out on stage with his gorgeous baby blue and white guitar...he played pretty much non stop, with just a pause between songs including these:

"Key to the Highway", "Tell the Truth", "I Shot the Sheriff", "Before You Accuse Me", "You are Wonderful Tonight", "Rock and Roll Heart", mid-show- an acoustic set that featured "Layla" and "Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out", and on through the set-closing, encore "Crossroads".
Playing "Layla"

Both Daltrey and Clapton gave great non stop performances...