Monday, July 12, 2010

My Sheltie and Coral Treasury

Thanks to earlykooka for including my "Vintage Coral and Sterling Bracelet" in her
"The Word is Out Coral is the New Grey" Etsy Treasury!

Treasury is at:

Coral is now a great color for any season!

Also Please Visit My Etsy Shop at:

Kenna and her favorite leopard print pillow!
I wonder if that is her favorite pillow because the colors match her coat so well, ha!
I said, "Come on Kenna, lets get brushed"... and this pic was the response I got...

When she finally got up she got her weekly brushing...which she really enjoys...

Yawn!!! After about 1/2 hour of brushing it was time for another nap! (That black lab dog behind her is a cement statue...she thinks it is a buddy of hers).

Have a Great Day and Thanks for Stopping By!!!


  1. so cute! I have a sheltie too. I'm from South Carolina, so every summer she gets shaved though. haha.

    congrats on the exposure! you've got some great stuff

  2. I think I will take her to the groomer for a summer shave-she has been having a hard time with the heat this summer. She sure loves the winter, though.

    Thank you for your nice comments!

  3. I LOVE your Sheltie. She is gorgeous. I have a dorkie (Dachshund/Yorkie) and a Husky Malamute. I'm a total dog lover. I can't have dogs at my townhouse, though, so I have two guinea pigs who I love just as much. :)

  4. Our cats love being brushes too, but they also enjoy biting the hair brush for fun. Makes it kinda hard to keep brushing! LOL

  5. Love the coral treasury. Such pretty colors and items!