Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Alice in Wonderland Inspired Mini Book Charms-Choice of 5

Set of 5 Alice in Wonderland Mini Book Charms-You Choose!

Please See All Photos. The 1st
photo shows #1-#12. The 2nd photo shows #13-#16.

The price for this listing is $11.50 for your choice of 5 of the 16 Charms I have pictured and numbered. Please contact me at: www.etsy.com/shop/SouthwestSkyJewelry
with your 5 number choices (#1 through #16 are listed in 2 separate photos on this listing).

If you would like more than 5, please contact me at:
and I will set up a separate listing for you.

The Mini Book Charms have a Vintage Look to them.

Please Pick 5:
1.-Green Cover (Alice & Cheshire Cat)
2.-Red Cover
3.-Blue Cover (Alice & Humpty)

4.-White Rabbit
5.-Drink & Alice

6.-Cheshire Cat & Alice
8.-Tea Party
9.-Alice & Fawn
10.-Alice & Red Queen
11.-Alice & Jury Box
12.-Courtroom Scene

14.-Alice & Humpty Dumpty
15.-Queen of Hearts
16.-Twiddle Dee & Alice

These Mini Book Charms are very cute and quite a conversation piece. I am an avid reader and when I finish a book that I like, I make a little replica charm of it to wear on a necklace. I get tons of comments when I wear it. Currently, I am doing charms for some Reading Clubs. They have told me they really look forward to the
ir meetings and getting their current charms.

These are Great for a Necklace, to Hang on a Book Mark, or put on Ear wires for Earrings Etc.!

Measurements (Approx.): 30mm L X 21mm W X 5mm Thick.
(1-3/16"L X 7/8"W X 1/4" Thick).
(No Writing Inside)(Books are Closed). Light Weig
ht.The Charms look like real little books!

I can make most any book you would like and set up a Custom Listing for you at:
Enter my store: http://www.etsy.com/shop/SouthwestSkyJewelry

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