Sunday, April 25, 2010

Memories of Rock Painting with my Grand Kids

Our trees are in full bloom!


I have been outside quite a bit in the last couple of weeks and have come across s
ome rocks that have warmed my heart...yup I said rocks!

I have twin grandchildren (a boy and a girl) that are now 14, but as babies and toddlers I baby sat them.    Entertaining them as they got older took planning, and part of the day, we would try to do something crafty or artistic, which they absolutely loved! One of their favorite things in the summer was rock painting, when they were older. We have tons of nice smooth small river rocks bordering a large patio. These were perfect for painting. I would tell them to look through the rocks and see if any of the shapes reminded them of anything, (like looking at clouds), and then paint them to look like that. Bekkah liked to paint ladybugs and bumble bees on the rocks; while Zack did camouflage and monsters (typical boy and girl). They would also paint there names, etc.

Now when I am gardening and cleaning the patio area I come across these old rocks that they have painted, (most just have remnants of the paint and names left on them), and it warms my heart...I am so glad to see these rocks now, as my
grand children have moved and live 600 miles away from us. We only see them a couple times a year. These painted rocks bring back so many lovely memories!

This is us with our precious twin grand babies-1996

Speaking of Bumble Bees I have noticed more bumble bees this spring than I have seen in many years. In this photo that I took last week, you can see one right in the middle of the picture. I took this picture very quickly!

I wonder if we are going to have more bumble bees this year, (I am in southern Ohio).

I look forward to getting my Hummingbird feeder ready...I love watching them!

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  1. Enjoyed all the lovely photos...the smooth river rocks made me smile, yeah maybe they're not diamonds but they are precious in their own way.
    Aren't grandchildren great? I have a 20 year old grandson and then a 10 year old grandson and 2 granddaughters ages 8 & 9. They're sweeter than apple pie ala mode. :)