Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter!

I took a walk around our property today with my Sheltie "Kenna". I had my camera with me and took some photos of the flowers that have popped up. It was kind of windy here in southern Ohio, but at least it was warm- even though the sun was not out. I should take my camera with me more often...I just never think of it.

I am staying home tonight to get caught up with some paperwork...well actually my husband and I had plans to go out for dinner (it is our wedding anniversary today). We started to get ready and found out we had no hot water to take showers....soooo here we are. He is actually enjoying it since basketball is on TV. I was kind of tired anyway; I wasn't too upset about not going out. I would like to take a shower, though...still no hot water. The tank is brand new, 2 weeks old...hopefully we didn't get a dud! We will probably be calling the store we bought it from on Monday.

Yeahhh...we have hot water (and its only been 5 hours)...a plumber friend of my husband's came over and got it working correctly. I can't wait to take a shower!

Have a Blessed and Wonderful Easter!!!

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