Thursday, April 1, 2010

I Joined Zibbet

OK....I joined Zibbet a couple of days ago and I have to say I really like it!

I have a good feeling about the Zibbet site; it is very similar to Etsy, but is in the uncomplicated stages, just ready to grow...don't get me wrong-I still love Etsy and plan to stay there, but being in Jewelry sales makes me almost invisible without spending tons of money on relisting and renewing because of the quantity of jewelry now on Etsy. I just thought it might be wise to get in early on Zibbet and hope they grow.

I jumped right in and purchased the $8.00 per month Premium Account for 2 reasons...the first reason- there are no other fees (no listing fees and no sales fees), except your Paypal fees, so $8.00 a month seemed like a bargain to me. I know, I know...all that is great but it can't compare to the traffic on Etsy ( I said I have a good feeling about Zibbet). Because I am in the jam-packed jewelry category on Etsy, I still have to promote constantly off Etsy to get customers to even see my I may as well also promote for Zibbet, try and draw them there also and if something does start selling, at least there are no fees.

The second reason I grabbed the $8.00 Premium Account right away is because a couple of days ago when I signed up they only had about 475 of these accounts left at $8.00 and then they are going up to $9.00 per month, after these sell out (I guess there have been a lot of people joining in the last 7 days).

Also there is a Referral Promotion that goes like this:

"For every friend you refer who joins at a Premium level ($8.00 per month right now), we'll take $1 off your monthly membership, for life. For a limited time, our upgraded Premium accounts are only $8 per month. Therefore, if you refer just 8 friends, we'll convert your upgraded, full-featured account to 'FREE FOREVER'. That means, for the rest of your life, you can enjoy unlimited listings, no sales fees and all the benefits that a Premium Account holder gets, for FREE"!

If you decide to try Zibbet (either the Free Account or the Premium Level, would you be kind enough to use this link to get there and sign up:

This will help me in the Referral Promotion Program. Once you are signed up you can then get Referrals also (and you only need 8 right now). After you sign up as a Seller; go to "My Zibbet", then in the right hand column click on "Referral Promotion" and you will receive your own link to give out for Referrals.

I also found this-"Give your friends a FREE 7 Day Trial of a Premium Account by telling them to enter the following coupon code when signing up: FREETRIAL , so if you want to try it out use my link above to sign up and remember to put this coupon code in when it asks...thank you in advance!

Here is my referral link again:

Oh, one other thing... you probably already know how to do this but as I list new items on Etsy I also list them to Zibbet...I just use "Notepad" and copy and paste my info to the new listng on Zibbet then download the photos.

Thanks for Visiting my Blog!!!!


  1. Hi, I like the items that you make.

  2. Thank you so much for your nice comment on my blog! Your jewelry is just beautiful :) ~Lauren

  3. Hi Southwest, I joined Zibbet too and like to too. Hopefully it will be fruitful! Good luck!