Friday, March 26, 2010

Ottlite Information Needed


In the next couple of weeks I am thinking of purchasing an Ottlite product but I am not sure which lamp/bulb to get for the purposes I will use it for.  Any comments on your experience with this product and how you use it would be much appreciated!  
My intended uses are:  I would like to work in my jewelry/craft studio at night, but currently can not because no matter what lighting I use, it is just too dark and shadowy (is that a word?)...I would also like to take photos of my items whenever I like, rather than wait for a sunny day...I need close up light and whole room light.  Would a floor lamp be good enough or would I need a desk lamp also...what size there high definition lighting?  

Any information you would like to comment on would be greatly appreciated!!!

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  1. I wish I knew - I've been considering the exact same thing. I will check back and see what others say because I want to know too!