Saturday, March 13, 2010

Native American and Southwest Jewelry

What is a Native American Naja?

The Naja used in Native American jewelry design is a crescent shape which was possibly first seen by Native Americans on Spanish Horses. The Naja was worn as a decorative chest piece on the Spaniards' horses.

As the Navajo became very skilled silversmiths,the Naja became a very popular symbol done in silver work. Turquoise and coral was also incorporated into their Naja designs, along with hand tooled Native American symbols.

Contemporary Navajo art still includes the Naja symbol and is very sought after, especially by collectors.

Description of the Naja I am Featuring today:
Turquoise Coral Sterling Vintage 2 Sided Naja Pendant and Chain:
Beautiful 2 Sided Vintage Naja Pendant on 23" Vintage Chain. 5 Shadow Box Set Turquoise Stones on 1 Side, and 5 Shadow Box Set Coral Stones on the Other Side.

The Top of the Large Bail is Marked "Sterling" with a Hallmark that I Can Not Read.

The Bail is Stationary to the Naja (it was Made as Part of the Naja).

2-1/2" Long From the Top of Bale to Bottom of Naja
Naja Pendant: 2" Wide
3/8" Thick
Shadow Box Settings: 5/8" X 3/8"
Turquoise & Coral Cabochons: 1/4" X 1/8"
Bail: 1/2" X 1/2" with 1/8" Opening
Chain: 23" Long From End to End
Rectangular Links: 3/8" X 3/16"

Chain & Naja Pendant Weigh 36gms.

Collectible Pendant & Chain!

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