Sunday, March 21, 2010

Native American Kokopelli Dancer

Native American Kokopelli
Dancer Symbol

Kokopelli, also known as "the Hump Backed Flute Player" and/or "the Mythical Piper of the Native American
Southwest", has drawn from both ancient and modern influences. In Native American culture, Kokopelli presides
over both childbirth and agriculture. Two tribes, Pueblo and Hopi Indians believe Kokopelli brings happiness
and fertility to all who hear his flute playing.

The Kokopelli is often depicted with animal companions such as rams and deer, snakes, or water-loving animals like
lizards and insects, because one Native American belief is that the Kokopelli presides over the reproduction of
game animals.

Kokopelli is important to this culture for his domain over agriculture also. It is believed that the Kokopelli's
fluteplaying chases away the Winter and brings on Spring. Kokopelli is associated with rains and maize grinding
ceremonies. Some tribes say he carries seeds and babies on his back.

Kokopelli, (often incorporated in jewelry items), continues to be one of the most easily recognized figures from
ancient and modern Native American and Southwestern Culture.

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Kokopelli-Also Known as the Humped Back Flute Player. This is One of the Native American Symbols of Prosperity,
Music and Joy.

Measurements: 2-1/2" Long X 1-1/4" Wide X 3/8" Thick

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