Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Refrigerator Magnets - Alice in Wonderland

Featured Today!

Decorative Miniature Book Magnets-(no text inside).

Alice in Wonderland Theme.

These Miniature Book Magnets Include 28-30 Blank Pages and Open and C
lose Just Like a Book-(no text inside).

These are great to decorate your fridge or any other surface that a magnet can adhere to. I have a group of my favorite books on a metal mirror frame in my office. Nice conversation starter, when someone asks me about a certain book I re

Please Note: Not Fire Retardant and Not Fireproof.

Measurements (Approx.): 30mm Long X 22mm Wide X 7mm Thick
(1-1/8"Long X 7/8"Wide X 1/4" Thick).
Light Weight.

You Will Receive All 5 "Miniature Book Magnets" which Include:
-The Alice and Cheshire Cat Cover
-Drink and Alice
-Tea Party
-White Rabbit
-Twiddle Dee and Alice

Really Cute! Great Stocking Stuffers!

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