Saturday, October 23, 2010

Miniature Horses and Buggy

I got the sweetest surprise today. As I was walking out to my mailbox a woman driving a buggy with 2 miniature horses was clip clopping by. I watched her go up my road, a little bit worried about cars coming around a corner, (I live in the country and unfortunately cars fly up my road). She turned the buggy around and came back as I watched. When she got closer I realized that I knew her, but I haven't seen her in about 10-15 years. We got to talking as my Sheltie, "Kenna" made friends with her 2 horses named "Thunder" and "Lightning".

She had been to a local church breakfast for little girls, ( a Princess Breakfast), where they got to ride around as little princesses in her buggy. When she was finished there she decided to come down my road to see if maybe she saw me. She told me she has 7 minature horses, 5 babies and 2 Morgans, and invited me out to see them, (she remembered how much I love horses, in fact she used to care for my 2 horses when I would travel). I would definitely love to go see her and her horses sometime.
"Thunder" and "Lightning" are sooo cute. Lightning is the horse closest in the pic and Thunder is the other one. They have blue eyes. Actually Thunder has 1 blue eye and 1 brown eye.

Anyway, she took Kenna and me for a little ride.

It was great! It really made my day so I have posted some photos here.

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  1. Now that is a wild life treasure treat!

    ..Cheers! a good "ride-by".

  2. That's too sweet! It also looks so pretty where you live!

  3. What fun! Kenna and her miniature horse friends are adorable. ^.^

  4. So cute. Miniature things are great.

    What a lovely surprise for you!