Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sleeping Beauty Turquoise; Native American and Southwestern Jewelry

What is Sleeping Beauty Turquoise?

Sleeping Beauty Turquoise
(Photo Credit to: http://www.tigersoftware.com/TigerBlogs/4-2-2008/indexaxc.14.jpg)

SLEEPING BEAUTY is some of the most beautiful turquoise in the world. The Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Mine is located near Globe, Arizona. The name "Sleeping Beauty Turquoise" comes from the same named Mountain it is mined from; the mountain looks like a "woman sleeping".

(Photo Credit to: http://www.sbturquoise.com/images/tourthemine/Sleeping-beauty-silouhette.jpg)

This mine was a copper mine and the turquoise extracted from it is a saturated light to medium sky blue "Skystone" Turquoise. This turquoise is being extracted less and less which will ultimately make it more sought after.

The Host-Rock for Sleeping Beauty Turquoise is Granite and it is sometimes referred to as "Persian Turquoise" referring to "Iranian Turquoise" which has little to no matrix or veining, (very little Vanadium and no Iron is present in the stone).

Sleeping Beauty Turquoise is the perfect stone to enhance sterling silver. Being so in touch with nature, it is very understandable that Native American Indians would be so attracted to this beautiful stone for their jewelry. Nothing resembles the sky more than the color of Sleeping Beauty Turquoise!

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