Friday, May 21, 2010

Snake in Driveway; Nightmares Tonight!

OK...this post is a little nutty, but...I will probably have night mares tonight and I need to vent. I am afraid of snakes; I do not dislike them-I just don't want to see them because I freak out...I jump and dance and scream...I can barely look at a photo without lifting my legs up. So as I post these photos my feet are off the ground!

Anyway...last week I looked out my living room window and saw what I thought was a snake; turned out to be a snakeskin that had been shed. If it was large enough to be seen from inside the house, I figured it was worth taking a photo of.

about 4 feet long

I got my courage up and went out with my camera on zoom because there was no way I was getting close to it. My dog, "Kenna" starts running around in circles, soooo excited that we are outside. She runs right over the snakeskin and it gets wrapped around her leg and she is running straight for me...all happy and excited about us being outside...and I know she is going to jump up on me with that snakeskin on her leg...well I start screaming "NO"!!! and running and dancing.

"Kenna" before the snakeskin got wrapped around her leg

It was windy that day and finally the snakeskin, (which is like paper, very thin) unwraps from her leg and goes airborne in the wind, and it is following me. I am totally freaking out trying to get away from this skin...I had visions of it landing in my hair. It finally lands in a tree, and is hanging from a branch-I should have taken a photo of it in the tree, but my courage had been sucked out of me at that point and I headed for the house.

(By the way-it sounds like I live in a jungle...nope, Cincinnati, Ohio).

I had nightmares that night!

The story continued today...we met the owner of that our dr
iveway, pissed off, and coiled up in defense mode (my husband had gently prodded it). It had slithered out of a wood pile by the garage.

My husband with a golf flag stick pole gently nudging snake.

So... I grab my camera and give it to my husband this time. I told him to take pics... he didn't want to get close to it because now the snake is mad. I told him to put it on zoom. He put the zoom on, put pushed the wrong no photos.

I ended up taking the pics from really far away, so you can't tell it was about 4 feet long and 2 inch diameter. I think it is a black snake.

snake is coiled up in striking pose

"Its a big snake" (to me its big)!

He finally gently picked it up with a long pole and put it in the crop field next to us. I know it is going to come back over to our yard.

Looks like he is playing golf, Ha! He carried the snake on the pole, but it kept falling off and he would have to pick it up again.

Here is the snake release. It is in mid air and makes a safe landing in the crop field next door.

Thanks for listening to my snake drama...
I have a feeling I will be having nightmares again tonig



  1. I'm glad your husband didn't kill it. I grew up in a rural area and am used to snakes. Sorry you had nightmares, I hope you get some sleep.

  2. I am laughing at this great story! I found snake eggs once while trying to make a garden, and hubby got a cooler, we kept the eggs in it until they hatched. They are cute when they are small. The kids loved the whole experience, and luckily, where we lived at the time, we knew the nasty frogs were a great dinner for the nice snakes, so were glad to have them around. Though a bit creepy, they do good things (usually) for us who don't like frogs and such! I am glad you didn't kill it too! I hope your nightmares get better, just think of all the rats that might not make it! That is a good thing, right?